Saturday, December 13, 2008

On the train...

3D Printing today consist of many products with generative geometric patterning... These topological hexagons and varying primary shapes seems to make the product out to be "unique" or "interesting"; Yet the relationship of the pattern to the product lacks meaning (except for "fad").
By combining the Louis XIV Chair and the city map of Paris, the patterning and the product have similar semantics. Stories of their union could be told or reinvented...
... Louis XIV's great disappearing act in Paris.
... Real ghost put a bed sheet over them to scary people, Louis XIV uses a map of Paris.

The design works in several ways:
First, it is a shell of the existing Louis XIV chair. It can function as a camouflage or protection of the chair. Also, it can exist as it own piece of furniture. Your able to sit upon the throne of Paris.

Note to Philipee Stark:
No apologies for the brouqueoisesqoepunked design in a friendly dis
course; But rather, thank you for working out the details and dimensions of a wonderful chair!


Gisele said...

I like it...
simple and good idea and the outcome is good looking. You can create a whole family of Urban gridded notebook Cairs. ; )

John Briscella said...

I thought you say something more like... You are the real spiderman again..